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Touch the Stars – original version

In a visual and sense-saturated tale, you come on a journey where we follow the tracks all the way back from NASA's very first unmanned space probes and to the latest plans to send people to Mars.

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Touch the Stars – original version

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Touch the Stars



Touch the Stars centers on mankind’s probes used in exploration of our solar system and the galaxy beyond.

The film traces the path to space through the history of NASA’s probes, orbiters, and landers, from the heart of our solar system to the surface of the other planets and moons, to the grand tour of the Voyager spacecraft through the outer planets and beyond.

Created with the latest imagery and scientific data, Touch the Stars uses inspiring real footage and three-dimensional vistas of our solar system and interstellar space to transport audiences to planets and distant stars alongside these intrepid robot explorers. Touch the Stars will be released in stunning 8K resolution.


Længde: 00:50

Sprog: English
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