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The Story of Earth – original version

Our remarkable planet Earth is unlike anything else we have found in the Universe. The Earth is not millions of lightyears away. You are standing on it, right now. Experience breathtaking and complex visualizations, based on the newest scientific methods.

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The Story of Earth – original version

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The Story of Earth



Stunning and complex visualisations based on the latest scientific modelling will take audiences back in time to the origins of our planet as we explore the extraordinary chain of events that made life not only possible but sustainable.

Journey forward to today, to meet a team of geologists travelling the globe looking for clues that help us piece together what is, as far as we know, a unique story in our universe.

From the remote rock formations of the Pilbara region of Western Australia, some of the oldest on earth, to the dramatic volcanic rock formations of Iceland, some of the earth’s newest rocks, we discover how earth was formed and what extraordinary conditions combined to make life possible.

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Længde: 00:54

Sprog: English
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Price: 160,- kr. fee + 5,- kr.

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