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The Magical Aurora

Just like being there yourself – Planetarium LIVE!

The Magical Aurora

Vælg dag
  • torsdag 23/03

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The Magical Aurora

Vælg dag
  • torsdag 23/03

Experience the Aurora


What are the auroras? Where are the best places to experience the phenomenon? And when? And what about auroras on other planets?

Join us for an amazing journey under the iconic planetarium dome.

We will travel to the best destinations for experiencing the auroras, as our explainers create LIVE 8K visualisations of mountain landscapes, starry skies, and magical northern lights, like you have never seen them before.
Following this, we will continue our journey out into space. We will fly by the Sun and watch enormous solar flares, before we venture further through our Solar System, to some of the fantastic planets, to investigate if the auroras can also be found here.

After the planetarium show we will screen the movie Experience the Aurora. Here, we follow the 7 month journey of a dedicated camera crew, traveling through northern Norway, Alaska, and Lapland, in order to get the most favorable conditions for experiencing the northern lights.


Længde: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Sprog: English


17.15: Planetarium LIVE! - The Magical Aurora

18.00: Questions

18.15: Screening of the movie Experience the Aurora

18.45: Thank you for tonight


19.30: Planetarium LIVE! - The Magical Aurora

20.15: Questions

20.30: Screening of the movie Experience the Aurora

21.00: Thank you for tonight


9th February and 23rd March

Price: 195 DKK / 156 DKK w/annual card
+ 5 DKK fee

Tickets are not refundable.

Feel free to enjoy our exhibitions before the lecture. We recommend arrival minimum 30 minutes prior to the event.
If you would like to visit our exhibitions before the event, we recommend arriving earlier.

In the Dome, we have four seats for people with disabilities.
Please contact our ticket staff by telephone or at the entrance of the Planetarium, in order to buy tickets for these seats.